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When Should You Consider Conducting an EMF Survey?

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

You should consider conducting an EMF survey whenever there is a strong EMF source nearby your home or at your workplace. We will focus on several cases where we need to take extra care, especially when our home is located near a strong EMF source (s), as this can happen more often than you might expect. The most common and obvious EMF sources are Power lines and power pylons, substations, and any antennae or phone masts. However, sometimes there are hidden dangers in or around our home, things we wouldn't necessarily consider as a risk to our health and wellbeing. Those could be any underground cables running underneath your property or garden, faulty wiring within your house main lines, smart meters, or even some types of security cameras, especially those that transmit WiFi signals continuously.

Now, EMFs are present in our daily lives whether we like it or not. Whenever electricity of any kind or a Wireless signal is being used, EMF is being produced and sub consequently this leads to human exposure. But what do we consider safe and where do we need to be more vigilant? That's a question, you will find can often divide a crowd.

It is now very clear that EMF affects not only our bodies but all living organisms.

There is a disagreement around what levels are being considered safe. In this article, we are purely focusing on long-term EMF exposure, and unfortunately, most of the official guidelines are based on short-term effects. This means that the government offers a very low level of protection for residential areas.

Let's take a look at a few most common examples of where you should consider conducting an EMF survey.

Power pylons -

This is hugely dependent on what type of power pylon and how much voltage the power lines are carrying. Generally speaking, the further away from power lines the better, as the EMF produced here, does not travel or expand, but only exists within a certain perimeter around the power lines. On the flip side, the EMF strength can be extremely strong when near or even below the power lines and is near impossible to shield. In this instance, we would recommend conducting an EMF survey if the power lines are located anywhere within 200-500m from the property you are looking to buy or your current home. As at this distance, we often see EMF levels elevated, sometimes to the point of exceeding the SAGE biological guidelines.


Substations are running on a low frequency but a high voltage. Similar to power pylons, the EMF produced doesn't travel, but can be extremely strong in close proximity.

Again, the voltage makes a huge difference in relation to how far the EMF will reach.

Usually, we would recommend conducting an EMF survey if the substation is located anywhere within 50m from the property. Keep in mind that substations can sometimes be located under the ground or hidden within the building structure, so it is always worth checking the building plans before making an offer on a new property.

Phone masts and Wireless signal-

Here we are moving onto a radiofrequency or a high-frequency part of the spectrum.

Signals produced by phone masts or wireless transmitters (3G, 4G, 5G) use much higher frequencies than power pylons and substations. As a result, the signal covers a smaller area, but it is far more intense. Radiofrequency signals can be directed at a certain point and travel far from the source. However, on a plus side, this type of EMF can be shielded, which can be very useful, especially if you discover high radiofrequency EMF in a home you already live in. Radiofrequency EMF can also be absorbed by materials and obstructions, for example, vegetation is one of the best shielding materials.

Generally speaking, if you see a phone mast or an antenna being directed at your home, this alone is a reason for concern. Typically, stronger signals can increase the EMF exposure in your home within approximately a 1 mile from the property. It can be even further in some cases.

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