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Comprehensive EMF Survey


We provide a FREE EMF consultation and our team of highly qualified EMF safety consultants is available to you seven days a week. We love what we do here at EMF testing Ltd and will guide you through the process, answer any questions you may have before the EMF test is conducted, and make sure you have a good understanding of the EMF environment in your home once the EMF test is complete. Our door is always open and we are happy to have chat even if you are simply just interested in learning more about EMF and its impact on our bodies.

Our comprehensive EMF survey provides a full in-depth analysis of EMF levels in your home, combining both, low frequency EMF survey and radiofrequency EMF survey.

EMF levels are changing every second, so to provide the most accurate readings we take several readings in each room, as well as any outdoor areas that belong to the property, over a certain period of time.

In the official EMF safety evaluation report, you will see all readings taken in each room, as well as average value and how the highest recorded reading compares to the international guidelines. We will also advise how the results compare to the SAGE biological guidelines and Building biology precautionary guidelines for sleeping areas (this provides much stricter reference levels than ICNIRP adopted by the UK government).

Our comprehensive survey covers a spectrum range of 1Hz-9GHz. This includes EMF sources such as substations, power pylons, underground wiring, phone masts, WiFi towers, solar panels, and more. This survey is most suitable for properties located in town centers and urban areas, as it will provide a full picture of all EMF sources the property is exposed to. Our comprehensive EMF survey is also a very good fit for individuals suffering from EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity) or people with increased sensitivity due to undergoing some type of trauma, physical or psychological. Our bodies can become sensitive to EMFs at any point in our lives and if we find ourselves in such situation, it is paramount to analyze our home and eliminate or reduce as much EMF exposure as possible.

Another critical group of people are our children. EMF exposure affects children on far higher scale than adults, this is simply due to their size and their immunity system not being fully developed.

In some countries around the world (France), it is illegal to let a child under 3 years of age to handle a mobile phone. Radiofrequency EMF is all around us at all times. Whilst not ideal, that is simply a reality we have to accept. However, being aware of our surroundings and health risks related to EMF exposure, there are number of things we can all do to dramatically reduce the EMF we expose our bodies to and therefore reduce various health risks that come with it. The good news is, most of them are completely free. Check out our blog post for more details on how to reduce an EMF exposure at home.

If you are interested in testing EMF produced only by wireless technology we offer EMF testing for any wireless EMF sources such as phone masts, radio towers, or wifi in your home, this can be done through our Radiofrequency EMF survey.

We also offer EMF testing focusing only on any electrical EMF sources such as power pylons, electrical substations, electrical wiring, home,e appliances, or underground cabling, this can be done through our Low-frequency EMF survey.

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