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Here at EMF Testing Ltd, we love what we do and take EMF safety very seriously. Our goal is to create safer homes and work environments across the United Kingdom through comprehensive electromagnetic field surveys, as we strongly believe that everyone deserves to be safe in their home and at work. We test for EMF produced by power pylons, substations, phone masts, heavy machinery, and much more. All our employees are highly trained and fully qualified EMF consultants with extensive experience through hundreds of EMF surveys carried out across the UK. We truly care about every single customer. You will get as much time as needed to make sure that we share as much of our EMF experience and expertise with you as we can. All EMF surveys are assessed against the UK legal reference levels as well as the strictest available international advisory EMF guidelines at the biological level. This ensures the highest possible safety standard in your home. Occupational EMF testing is carried out in compliance with CEMFAW regulations.

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Magnetic fields produced by electric car's motors can be as strong as EMF produced by high voltage power lines. Our specialized EMF tests revealed that back seats are normally far more affected than front seats. Reach out today for a free consultation to find out more about electric cars and EMF safety.

EMF Testing for Electric Vehicles

Buying a property near a strong EMF source such as a power pylon, substation, or a phone mast? Our team of EMF experts is available seven days a week. We will conduct a thorough EMF safety assessment followed by a detailed report within 24hrs of the survey. And we are happy to arrange the EMF survey directly with your estate agent, on your behalf, to save you the hassle!

Home Buyer's EMF Survey


Same day and next day bookings accepted at no extra charge. Early and late bookings available. We are as flexible as we can to fit within your schedule.


Free EMF consultation. Quick response time seven days a week. Outstanding customer aftercare. An official report issued within 24 hrs of the visit. Results on the day.


Your safety is our priority. We only use professional, certified, and regularly calibrated equipment. Our employees are highly trained and qualified EMF consultants. 


No hidden fees. High quality EMF services for an affordable price. 

With our unlimited consultation and professional EMF training you are getting a great value for your money.

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Lukas Lejsek, CE.

Certified EMF Consultant


"A few words about EMF Testing Ltd. We are hugely passionate about EMF safety and raising awareness of any potential health risks associated with the modern lifestyle and fast-improving and growing technology that surrounds us. We strongly believe that everyone deserves a safe home and workplace. Our mission is to bring the highest EMF expertise and safety standards to everyone, at an affordable cost. I personally guarantee the highest quality, starting with our top-of-the-range equipment to every single EMF consultation as part of our service. There are still a lot of unknowns about electromagnetic fields, however, in the past 10, or so, years, we have learned so much about the impacts of man-made EMFs on life on earth, humans included. We can help whether you are looking for peace of mind when buying a new home near a strong EMF source such as power pylons, substations, or phone masts or simply looking to learn more about EMF safety and broaden your knowledge on the subject. We strive to follow the latest independent scientific research and EMF health advice and bring it to your doorstep."

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What to Expect When Booking a Residential EMF Test with Us

We strongly encourage all customers to reach out for a FREE EMF consultation prior to booking your EMF survey. Our team of highly qualified EMF safety specialists will be happy to advise what type of EMF survey is appropriate for your specific area as well as answer any questions you may have. Our dedicated team of EMF consultants will assist you from start to finish and are available seven days a week. 

An average EMF survey usually takes between 20min-60min, depending on the size of the property and the type of survey carried out. We will take several measurements in each room and any outdoor areas that belong to the property, using high-quality, certified, professionally calibrated equipment. The results will be compared to the official guidelines, as well as the strictest biological EMF reference levels for general public EMF exposure, and we will provide our conclusion on-site (where possible), followed by a detailed report within the next 24 hrs. Our EMF consultant will discuss the results with you in detail to ensure a full understanding of the findings. We are also happy to liaise with an estate agent directly on your behalf to arrange your EMF survey.  Due to data privacy protection, the survey results will only be shared with the customer.


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