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-Your Safety is Our Priority-

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We specialize in residential EMF testing anywhere in the UK and use certified professional equipment to achieve highly accurate results. All EMF tests are provided with a detailed EMF report in compliance with the official safety standards (ICNIRP), as well as SAGE biological guidelines and building biology evaluation reference levels, which provide the strictest EMF exposure reference levels available for the general public EMF exposure. Our team of highly trained EMF experts is available seven days a week. Reach out for your FREE independent EMF safety consultation today.



Same day and next day bookings accepted at no extra charge. Early and late bookings available. We are as flexible as possible to fit within your schedule.


Free EMF consultation. Quick response time seven days a week. Outstanding customer aftercare. An official report issued within 24 hrs of the visit.


Your safety is our priority. We only use high quality, certified and calibrated equipment. Our employees are highly trained EMF specialists.


No hidden fees. High quality EMF services for an affordable price. Lowest price match guaranteed on most services. 

Call Us Today for Your Free EMF Consultation.

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What to Expect When Booking an EMF Test with Us

We strongly encourage all customers to reach out for a FREE EMF consultation prior to booking your EMF survey. Our team of highly qualified EMF safety specialists will be happy to advise what type of EMF survey is appropriate for your specific area as well as answer any questions you may have. Our dedicated team of EMF consultants will assist you from start to finish and are available seven days a week. 

An average EMF survey usually takes between 20min-60min, depending on the size of the property and the type of survey carried out. We will take several measurements in each room and any outdoor areas that belong to the property, using high-quality, certified, professionally calibrated equipment. The results will be compared to the official guidelines, as well as the strictest biological EMF reference levels for general public EMF exposure, and we will provide our conclusion on-site (where possible), followed by a detailed report within the next 24 hrs. Our EMF consultant will discuss the results with you in detail to ensure a full understanding of the findings. Due to data privacy protection, the survey results will only be shared with the customer.


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